Kami No Ken Couples Program



Every Kami No Ken Couples Training will be under the supervision of and led by Coach Nasser himself.
Kami No Ken family will host all of the participants.



It's easy for couples to get overwhelmed with everyday life, and sometimes it's important to take time to relax, connect, and enjoy one another. Spending time away together helps you reconnect and create ​​meaningful experiences in which trust in one another may be restored. 

If you are ready to truly reconnect with your partner, improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen your relationship then this training is for you!


Recommended for:

Couples who want to rejuvenate their relationship, rekindle passion, create new experiences, bond, and re-establish trust. 


Why is this seminar being held?

Spend your holiday with your partner in a more meaningful way. The objective is to bring individuals together to celebrate joy, share in pain and fear, bond with each other, and create a feeling of togetherness.


What are the goals of this seminar:
  • Weight loss
  • Increase strength and fitness
  • A union between Body & Mind 
  • Stress release
  • Adventure
  • Extending the network and connecting with new people
  • Detox the body
  • Detox the mind
  • A pit stop for the Body & Mind


Program Duration:

12 Days (Full Training) 

Arrive a day before and stay a day longer free of charge*


Daily Program and Routines:

5.30 am: Wake up (everybody) for breathwork and meditation or Yoga

6.30 am: Beach run continues with physical training with the coaches

12 pm: Lunchtime buffet (freshly cooked and prepared – House made)

4 pm: Cold pressed fresh green juices on days where we have bonFire 

5 pm: 2 Units of training or theory of the Mind 

6 pm: Dinner buffet (freshly cooked and prepared - House made)

7.30 pm: Massages (60 min)

*On days when we have a bonfire there won’t be a massage.

*On days when we have a trip around Bali there won’t be a Massage.


  • No smoking & No alcohol  within these 12 days 
  • No mobile phones except inside the rooms
  • 100% Attendance during the training sessions
  • No fast food ordering inside the retreat we are strict following an intermitted fasting program
  • No sugar within the 12 days
  • We will provide you with fruits, water, coffee and tea 



  • The only things you have to bring with you in these 12 days are: focus, discipline, will and the ability to connect interact and socialize with the Kami No Ken family



• Airport pickup and drop off
• 12 Days accommodation
• 2 Units of daily physical or mental exercises
• Theory lessons about the mind with Zen stories
• Transport for all activities
• 2 - 3 Full-day tours around Bali
• Nourishing buffet-style lunch and dinner
• Bon-fire, live music, barbecue night
• Yoga, Muay Thai, Qi Gong, breathwork exercises, ice bath, Jiujitsu and more
• Outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, mud wrestling, trekking, and more
• 60 min in-room Balinese massages
• Gift bag





Master Robinson  

BJJ Blackbelt, Germany

Coach Robinson was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in January 1990. His father escaped from the civil war in Chile and started building a new life in Germany where he met and then married a German woman, Robinson’s mother. Robinson spent his early childhood in Germany. After a couple of years, the small family relocated back to Santiago de Chile after the war was finished.

Seeing the contrast between Germany and Latin-American Chile, he began to learn about the countries differences and similarities. Growing up, he felt that there must be other ways of living, different paths that one can take. Alternative paths to the one preseted by the western value systems. At the young age of 13, in the middle of his teenage years, Robinson witnessed the divorce of his parents and as result, he went through a drastic change in his life when he and his mother moved back to Germany.

He graduated from high school and also finished his degree in Computer Science at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. During his time at the university in June 2014, Robinson found his way to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He was hooked immediately and even was training twice a day for a while. For him, it felt liberating. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu showed him a way to grow and overcome the trauma of the past. After over six years of sweat, blood, tears and injuries, Robinson graduated as a Blackbelt by his coach Jan Basso.

Becoming freer and freer from the burdens of the past, he grew his interest in understanding everyday aspects of life such as health, society and politics. In 2016 through a good friend, Robinson developed into a diligent student of various philosophies, human psychology and freedom. Following this path, Robinson realized, that he will no longer be able to be part of that artificial machinery of western society. Having the desire to experience more freedom and be able to connect deeper with his inner self and true spirit, he started looking for other places around Southeast Asia to relocate. After spending 6 months in Bali he decided to stay. Through mutual friends and nothing less than the providence of the law of attraction, Robinson met coach Nasser and is now part of the Kami No Ken team.



Nasser Qazi

Every Kami No Ken Group Training will be under the supervision of and led by Coach Nasser himself. Kami No Ken family will host all of the participants.


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