Our Principles


“Kami No Ken” is a Japanese term that translates as “the fist of God”, referring to the strength and power of the God within you.


KAMI NO KEN is a self-improvement and self transformation program, you do not have to wait for something to happened or for your to be sick to seek the life and the person you want to become. We welcome students from all around the world who are ready to create new habits and rituals in order to reach a new level of awareness.



Kami No Ken is a way of life;  


A philosophy for dealing with life’s challenges; it is the source of strength, courage and insight.  The untrained mind is prone to whims, fears and confusion but the trained mind, that which serves the inner God, is capable of incredible things.  The physical world (the world of 3rd dimensional observable matter) and the spiritual world (the world of higher dimensional consciousness) are connected by the power of ‘will’.  The ‘might’ of one’s will is, essentially, the “fist” that brings forth the spiritual into the physical.

Your “fist of God” personalized training program will help you reflect upon and come to deeply understand your spiritual journey and purpose in this lifetime. 

As a consequence of this spiritual process, you will find physical strength, endurance, persistence and confidence that you previously considered far beyond your capacity.  Ancient and recent emotional wounds will start to heal; your intuitive mind will start to lead; and you will find a connection to your highest consciousness – your inner God. 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with YOU. This program will only work if the student is ready and is willing to do what it takes to create a better and more fulfilling life. We are nothing more than a vessel that enables you to reach you destination.

The ancient Japanese samurai followed a set of 7 principles, collectively known as “Bushido”.  Taken together, these principles equate to the code of honour and morals that are often referred to as “the warrior’s way” or “the way of the warrior”.


Taken together, these principles equate to the code of honour and morals that are often referred to as “the warrior’s way” or “the way of the warrior”.  Your Kami No Ken training course will develop this code inside of you, such that you are able enough, responsible enough and powerful enough to walk the path of the true warrior.

Integrity Gi
Respect Rei
Courage Yu
Honour Meiyo
Compassion Jin
Honesty Makoto
Loyalty Chu



Kami No Ken is both a process of self-discovery and a way of life at our training school.   Based on the triage of body, mind and soul, you will be transported to a new understanding of yourself..



You will be pushed beyond what you perceive as the limits of your physical body to discover your real strength, power and ability.  

You will discover that you can transform beyond:

MS, herniated disk and lower back problems, rheumatism, blood related disorders, obesity and much more.



You will be shown the real power of your mind over your physical body and the physical world.

You will discover that you can heal from the trauma that manifests as:

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, eating disorders, low self-esteem, self-harming, addictions, grief, rage, alcoholism and substance abuse



You will experience a highly attuned ability to connect with the Spirit within you; the God that you have always been seeking and that which you already are.

You will realize your soul’s purpose, or your ‘true calling’ for being on this Earth at this time

Discover your true inner power