Self Mastery | 21 - 28 Day


Kami No Ken is a special and highly sought-after training program where the student will go through a careful selection process. To be accepted, you must demonstrate a true desire to transform yourself; a high degree of integrity; and a willingness to ‘pay forward’ to humanity at large. If you are demanding, entitled, obnoxious, or looking for a quick fix, you will not qualify for Kami No Ken’s limited space.


“Rule your mind or it will rule you.” -Buddha


The Kami No Ken Self Mastery program is an exclusive program where the student will have to go even deeper into the knowledge of the self. In this program, the student will go beyond self-awareness and Self-discovery and into a deeper teaching of Zen knowledge and Zen practices. The Kami No Ken team gives all their time to ensure the student reach their personal desired goal and develop a new habit while being able to master their emotion and minds. Besides Coach Nasser's full attention, the students will also train under other professional coaches and masters (depending on their needs and goals) all training is personal and completely one-on-one.

This is a unique tailor-made program and will only be available to those who are willing to improve themselves by gaining a better understanding of themselves through the zen knowledge and practices.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor E. Frankl


We are not offering or selling a product and therefore we do not offer any discounted programs. The price you pay is based on the time and effort all the coaches and team spend with you. As we said before this is a very personal tailor-made program that is created just for you based on your needs.
We are offering you a new way of life a new way of thinking and an opportunity to change your habits to create a new pattern in a private and serene environment. We have built a place of harmony where we all can give our complete focus on you and your journey.
As we won’t negotiate your well-being and the quality of your progress and inner peace, we are asking you kindly to not start negotiating our Services.
We understand that this program is not for everyone, if you are looking for a less personalized program please check our group training program. Or we highly recommend you start with our Self Discovery program.

  • Extreme physical training
  • After reaching self awareness and selfdiscovery the mastery happens when we are able to manifest what we have learned and when we are able to apply what we have learned in those 2 basic classes of awareness and discovery
  • Create new habbits and patterns
  • Discover a deep and powerful connection to the intuitive Mind



  • Private 2 bedroom villa with swimming pool, gym, meditation room, spa and wi-Fi
  • One-on-one private individual care
  • Recovery coaches / staff support 24/7
  • Daily professional counseling
  • Daily physical and mental exercises 
  • Daily theoretical education
  • Personal training, nutrition,  meditation and breathwork exercise
  • Meals prepared by a private chef 
  • Regular 90 minutes of therapeutic spa treatment
  • Hypnotherapy sessions (if needed)
  • Additional personal coaches: Thai boxing with sensei, BJJ with black belt sensei, Yoga teacher.
  • Outreach activities in the local community
  • Transportation (airport pick up and drop off)
  • 5-day tour (Bali cultural sightseeing and leisure activity). Choice of trips to temples, waterfalls, snorkeling, mountain biking and more
  • Aftercare coordinator, a 6 months personalized program, direct communication with Coach Nasser 2 times per week for 1 hour via WhatsApp, Zoom or email.




Self Mastery Testimonials

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Self Discovery | 12-14 Day
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