‚ÄúThe cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body‚Äôs energy system‚ÄĚ




Villa Darga | House of Self Improvement Opens It's Doors To Daily Therapy Sessions


Kaminoken is a vocational and advocational self-improvement program based in Bali/Sanur. Our mission is to continuously explore, within ourselves and others, how our subconscious mind is able to influence and control our daily behavior affects the events of our lives, and empowers us to achieve our dreams and goals or how it restricts us from achieving those goals and dreams.

Through research and education and the clinical application of this above-described thesis the Kami no ken center is motivated to contribute to the world by fostering a bigger awareness of the principles of Bushido and the development of one’s subconscious mind to be able to unleash the great power we have within.

 All therapy sessions will take place at Villa Darga, in Bali.

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Meet Your Therapist

Coach Nasser Qazi is an internationally recognized Hypnotherapist who graduated from the College of Hypnosis HMI in California, USA and is a certified NLP practitioner. Specialist in smoking cessation, weight loss & Childhood Trauma. Further than that Coach Nasser has been a certified personal Trainer since 2004 and a Qi Gong Master.

Coach Nasser Qazi has many years of experience in the field of Hypnotherapy and several other Healing& Self-improvement methods.

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Hypnosis comes from the Greek God of Sleep Hypnos. Hypnosis is a ‚Äúsleep alike state‚ÄĚ where the door of your subconscious mind will open and allow the Hypnotherapist to enter and change with your permission specific pattern and message units.

 It is a natural state that has the potential for learning and positive Change and it is accessible for everyone. You will be always and in every moment aware of what is happening during our hypnosis sessions and you will never lose contact with reality. Everything that will happen only happens with your permission. This is not a stage Hypnosis or a stage performance. 


1 Session = 2.500.000 Rp
Every further Session + = 1.800.000 Rp

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Trauma Release Therapy

We believe that with the Trauma Release Method, we can neutralize “unresolved negative Emotions with our Body. These negative emotions which we are holding on to are the main contributors to most physical pains, illnesses, or anxiety within us. The Reason and the root for these negative emotions are interruptions in the body’s energy system.

We restore the energy disturbance that keeps the issue from being resolved.  Our method addresses the energy interruption at its source and resolves the problem. In other words, you are no longer emotionally attached to that problem. Instead, by tuning into that specific problem or trigger, the energy may flow appropriately and in a balanced way again. In our practice, it is wonderful to observe this procedure every day.

  • Fears, traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, cravings, fear of flying, several phobias or dramatic past experiences, etc. suddenly disappear.

 If it hadn't repeatedly worked for ourselves and our clients, we wouldn't believe it or teach it.


1 Session = 2.200.000 Rp

For every further Session 1.800.000 Rp

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Ready to start a life-changing journey?

6 Hour Kami No Ken Package

10.500.000 RP

This package is for all those who are not able to commit to the full 14-day program and want to experience the Kami No Ken program and use it as a pit stop for their Body and Mind.

The 6 Hour Kami No Ken Package Includes:


Trauma Release Session

Super Human Protocol

1 on 1 Training with Coach Nasser



Ice Bath

90 min Massage

1 Meal + cold press Juice

Duration (Minimum 6 hours)

If you book this package please ensure you are not under any time constraints


Super Human Protocol

The Superhuman Protocol is a health improvement program, aiming to enhance the body's recovery speed and the patient's physical skills. The protocol is based on three main components that nourish life

  1.  Magnetism (pulsed magnetic field),
  2.  Oxygen (oxygen therapy), and
  3.  Light (light therapy).

This is the same treatment Dana White ( UFC ) used in his dramatic transformation with Biohacker Gary Brecka from 10x Health. By using technology to allow abundant access to Magnetism, Oxygen, and Light, the Super Human Protocol has been proven to reverse Biological Age, Dramatically increase Performance, and make Weight Loss as fast as is easy.


1 Session = 1.800.000 Rp

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Self Awareness | 7-9 Day
Self Discovery | 12-14 Day
Self Mastery | 28 Day
Online Course